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Use the advantages of our SAV Concept

SAV means Service Après Vente or CASS which is short for Customer After Sales Service

The HIRSCH SAV (CASS) is the replacement business of original branded watch bracelets for watches. The HIRSCH SAV Service Centre plans, organizes and realizes the delivery of branded watch bracelets in close cooperation with the watch brands and their individual country market organisations.

HIRSCH guarantees the identical quality and aesthetics as defined by the brand. We offer optimal central warehouse solutions to define the perfect stock at HIRSCH in order to guarantee prompt availability at the point of sales. This means minimum delivery times for stock items and a limited stock at the customer.

HIRSCH, with more than 10 years of SAV experience for important watch brands and 65 years of experience in sales of bracelets for watches to the international specialised trade supports the brands to increase their leather bracelet market share and profit.

The HIRSCH SAV success factors

  • Brand image
    Quality and aesthetics are identical with the first equipment items defined by the brand

  • Customer satisfaction
    Orders are processed within 24 hours by the HIRSCH SAV Customer Service. HIRSCH and the brand define jointly optimal delivery time ex factory e.g.
    - 1 weeks for stock bracelets
    - 3 weeks for non stock bracelets
    - 4 weeks for tailor made bracelets

  • Stock management
    Based on our experience 80% of all deliveries are made from the defined stock and the remaining 20% are non stock and tailor-made references. Stock is closely monitored to guarantee the bracelet availability and to keep the stock risk to a minimum for the brand.

Save time due to online orders and
immediate order transmission
Save time due to transparency
and up-to-date reports
Quick user guidance within brand
specific bracelet assortment